Day 21 of 30 in 30

Crack an egg… Isn’t it fun to and see a bright orange yolk and jello-ey whites…
I hope I captured that right with my painting of the day…

I was out there this morning in the Sun with my cracked up Egg. By the time I was done painting, the egg yolk had somehow gotten contorted and dried up on top! Weird! Has anyone else noticed that?

Anyway here is the setup picture, while my yolk was still nice and pretty….

The compositional / value drawing and the final drawing on the canvas:

And now the fun begins… The initial color impressions. What’s in light – what’s in shadow? What’s warmer/cooler, brighter/duller, darker/lighter?

And here is the final:
Crack An Egg
8″ x 10″
brush and knife

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