The Grahas – Planetary Deities- Ketu

In 2006 I did the sketches of the planetary deities for my husband Ernst Wilhelm’s book “Graha Sutras.” The sketches were done true to the astrological descriptions of the imagery of the planets as described in the ancient astrological text from India.

In 2008 I started portraying these nine images in watercolor and finished them in January of 2010.

Here is the most recent one:

Ketu – the South Node

“Smoky, two armed, armed with a mace, deformed limbs,
and seated on a vulture are fixed Ketus granting blessings.”

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  1. Srishti
    Srishti says:

    Hi Jane!
    We used the drawings in one of his books and have been selling a few cards and prints though his website 😀

    It was a fun project!
    Thanks a lot for visiting 🙂


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