Boulders 3 – Granite Dells

Yesterday I went out to Watson Lake to paint. It’s beautiful, but yesterday was free parking day and there were a lot of people. I like to be secluded with just me the paints and my thoughts when I am painting and it was irritating when people would come over and wonder about the, umm, strange pink where the blue water should be, and trying to get a free art lesson then and there for their kindergartener while I am trying to paint! 
I know, it’s part of plein air painting, but this was pretty much the first time it happened to me. I have been lucky so far. 
So anyways, it was a gorgeous day none the less. And here is yesterday’s painting process:

The view:
The initial color notes:
And the Final painting:
Granite Dells- Boulders 3
10″ x 8″
brush and oil

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