Saturday morning Life Drawing- Noel

Yesterday our model was Noel. Very sweet guy and yet just sculpted. It was a lot of fun to draw him as you could see every muscle and bone. All surface goodies things you learn while studying Anatomy while never see. So this was a “treat” shall I say!_MG_5741 _MG_5737  _MG_5742 _MG_5740 _MG_5739 _MG_5738

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  1. mimi boothby
    mimi boothby says:

    It’s great that you are going to a life drawing class. I should somehow fit that into my schedule too.
    I remember once (when I was in college taking a life drawing class, we got a new model. He was tall and thin with no obvious musculature. I complained and they got a different model!!!!

  2. Srishti Wilhelm
    Srishti Wilhelm says:

    Yes, It has been so much fun! I am absolutely loving it. It is uninstructed life drawing on Saturdays with various length poses and on Monday the same model holds the same pose for 3 Mondays in a row so we can do a large/detailed painting/drawing/scupture, etc.


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