Day 25 of 30 in 30

So today was a day to get out of the house and paint. Well… By the time I started thinking about it, the wind picked up… It is sooo windy! 
But anyway, I headed out to Willow Lake. A beautiful spot. It’s a reservoir that is built among these super cool granite boulders. Almost like Joshua Tree plus a lake. Well actually two lakes. Willow Lake and Watson Lake are next to each other surrounded by these super cool boulders. Every direction you turn is a new painting waiting to be painted! 

Looking for a piece of paradise!

First I thought of getting my feet feet by painting the water. But after I was done drawing it on my sketchbook… it just didn’t appeal to me anymore compared to the view around me.
I knew I really was there for the boulders, not the water…
Here is the first color block in…
And the final painting:
Boulders 1
8″ x 10″
brush and oil
Not a soul in sight. Prescott is beautiful. Needless to say I will be coming out here at the lakes to paint more often….
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