Day 3 of 30 in 30

So, as you know, I am doing this 30 in 30 challenge. 30 paintings in 30 days.
Yesterday was Day2, started a painting in the morning in the sun, soon as I finished the drawing, the clouds moved in and stayed until the afternoon! Then in the afternoon I started another painting since the color of the light was absolutely different, I was half done painting and the clouds were back again!!!

Here  is the painting that I half finished yesterday afternoon:

 So.. Yesterday was a day of two starts, but today I finished the yesterday morning’s painting in the morning…. Here is this morning’s setup:

White on White
10″ x 8″
Oil on canvas panel
 The clouds stayed away till the afternoon and I was hoping to finish up the other painting with the vase that I started yesterday, but the best laid plans of men and mice…

In came rolling an insane scary storm with deafening thunder and lightning… But the mountain behind my house just started glowing with the light It was awesome! And I fully enjoyed painting my favorite mountain. It was fun getting wet and immersed in the storm. though I was on the back patio the wind was blowing lots

of moisture everywhere… WOW! Storms are so amazing!
It’s a quick small painting, but the adrenaline was full throttle! I was literally jumping every time the thunder went off!
Granite Mountain- Thunderstorm
8″ x 6″
oil on panel

I don’t know what I am painting tomorrow, we’ll see what the weather brings! I LOVE plein air…
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