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Woodland Stream – finished

Here is the finale...Here I have just taken the masking off on the trees and bushes first, painted them, and then the masking on the water was taken off and finished up.I am really happy with this :)"Woodland Stream"14x18 inArches CP paperW&N…

Woodland Stream – WIP3

Here is where I am today...I removed some of the masking on the right side from the bushes and shrubs and started coloring them in.

Woodland Stream – WIP2

I forgot to take pictures of several stages before this stage, but here is what I did tonight:After all the atmospheric pours of red, yellow and blues were done and I was satisfied with the values, I started the splattering!Aureolin, Cadmium…

Woodland Stream – WIP

I started this a few days ago along with the Mt Adams painiting. Though I didn't manage to take many pictures...Here are two pics of the priliminary pours... The painting is much further along than these pics though. I'll definitely take some…

Mt. Adams – finished

Finally finished.Just deepened the hues more on the left to make the right side pop more...I think I am decently happy with it... for virtually a first landscape :OPhew.... ;)

Mt. Adams – Commission

I have a commission for painitng a landscape of the Yakima Valley with the glorious Mt. Adams in the background, on watercolor Canvas...All's good but landscapes are sort of foreign to me :DI have been working on it for a few days and managed…

Sunkissed- WIP

I just started this yesterday.12x16 inches on Fredrix watercolor canvasI am experimanting with Stephen Blackburn's technique of pouring the masking fluid.1. First poured the MF, and let it flow around a bit...2. Then I poured my yellow (Hansa…

WIP- Rahu 3

Here is where I reached the day before... I hink Rahu himself is all done.Jst have to paint his steed, the lion now!

WIP- Rahu 2

I worked today mostly on the adornments Rahu is wearing.Since Rahu is the North Node, he is the one causing eclipses according to Indian mythology.I am trying to an effect of him being in front of the glowing Sun/Moon as if he's eclipsing them.

WIP- Rahu

The North Node- RAHUI have been working on Rahu, the 8th planet.“Gaping mouthed, sword, shield, trident, granting wishes,on a lion and dark colored is fixed Rahu.”Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: Graha Shanti, 12Rahu is four armed revealing…